Monday, January 22, 2018

We also helped dig a hole for someone... that made me sweat a lot.

January 22 2018

Our week went well. We've been teaching mostly a daughter of a member and a brother of another member (at least they are progressing the most but we teach others) we are planning to set their baptismal date around the beginning of Febuary. Fr Prince is doing well, though he wasn't at church this week, we'll have to follow up on that. 

We also showed an ami where the church is so we hope he will come too. 

We also helped dig a hole for someone... that made me sweat a lot. 

Also: I finally got those letters! And I forgot to bring the answers to the questions that were given me. I'll do that next week. 

There was this one lesson where I almost totally fell asleep, even when I gave the prayer. I do not know why I was so tired. There was one part where I was supposed to talk and I jerked up, vaguely remembering that we were talking about the Book of Mormon and then I asked "Do you like to read the Book of Mormon" "Yes" "That's good" Then I stopped because my brain was working slowly. 

We had zone conference, which was good. We learned how to improve our study and use scriptures to help people learn.

Spiritual thought: Make goals with a plan that invites the help of Christ. Joni L Kosch said, "Include the Savoir in our new year's resolutions. 'A goal such as: lose 10 Kg' (is useless and does not help to obtain the wanted result) This objective will not attract the powers of heaven to produce a change! But if the goal is: 'I will obey the word of wisdom, by eating correctly, by exercising, and by sleeping enough in order to lose 10 Kg' it is more likely to attain the desired result" (I was translating so it probably isn't exactly the same in english).

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme!

Elder Russell

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