Monday, January 15, 2018

back to Mont Kamba...showering in the front yard....Fr Prince got baptized

January 15 2018

Yep, that was an unexpected transfer. And the shortest I've ever had. Elder Robin's companion has visa troubles (all of the congelese from the DRC do actually) so I got sent back to Mont Kamba Wednesday night. But Elder Nkosi is a chill guy and the amis that we talked to were cool. 

One of the interesting things I experienced was showering in the front yard because the apartement has weird water problems (the apartment is enclosed so no one except maybe the other missionaries saw me). I got some pictures of the apartement that I'll send. 

Fr Prince got baptized on saturday! We had to go to Loandjili's building because we don't have any water at Mont Kamba. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. We have Elder Mukengela with us now in the apartement. Is from Lumbumbashi and knows a lot of other missionaries from there, like Elder Kisimba! He's cool too.

Spiritual thought: I was reading the Liahona that talks a lot about temples and I was impressed by the talks that tell us how to come closer to Christ especially by studying his words (the scriptures!à) So I started doing what one of the General authorities did and study all the scriptures that are in the topical guide about Jesus Christ. So far it has been good. I'll tell you what else changes in the following weeks!

Je vous aime!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme!

Elder Russell​

Elder Russell, Elder Robin and Frère Prince

Would you rather shower here......

.......or here?

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