Monday, January 8, 2018

This week I budgeted really bad (my companion too)

November 13 2017

Yeah, you definitely learn a lot when you trust in the Lord, especially on a mission! Fr Archange is now firm in his desicion to be baptized, which is awesome. Unfortunately he was sick so I think that is why we didn't see him at church. One new investigator, Fr Stavel, is going on a trip so we left him the Book of Mormon. We continue to meet new amis, the only problem we have is seeing them all, like I said. Lots of work is better than none. The week was interesting because we had lots of meetings and had to go to the mission office so that took a chunk out of our proselyting hours. 

This week I budgeted really bad (my companion too) so we challenged each other to do better. Seeing the new missionaries adapt does remind me of training. I was fortunate because Elder Izere already spoke English pretty well, lots of these new American missionaries (most of whom don't know French) are with companions that only speak French. Luckily I can interpret when cultural differences and language barriers pop up. Fr Max and Sr Josia were baptized this Sunday! I'll send pictures (I brought my SD Card and Elder Kisimba has an adapter). So many things will have changed when I'll be home! So many people are getting married. Elder Kisimba is also encouraging me to work out more, so that is good too. In fact, Elder Kisimba is awesome, If we leave each other this transfer I'll miss him. C'est la vie.

Nous ne craignons aucun homme!
Je vous aime!
Elder Russell

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