Monday, February 12, 2018

It's weird to think that I'll be home soon

February 12 2018

This week was good for us. We got a great contact because Elder Thomas drank some bad water and was hospitalized. Elder Odimba and Elder Snow contacted her in the clinique he was at. (He is doing better now, but their apartment has problems) Her name is Sr Erique and she came to church!

We also helped an ami who hasn't come for some time to come (Fr Kedric) We still have difficulties seeing FR Boutoto because of his work, but we saw him once. With Fr Ivan, he just needs to read the Book of Mormon and he will progress well.

I had some more.... weird health problems but they are gone now. We went to the beach today as a zone and ate some good food afterwards. It's weird to think that I'll be home soon. But I still have a week!

Spiritual thought: The scriptures, prayer, church and temple are all ways that are meant to bring us unto to Christ and help others do so as well! Even when there are ordonnances (or "ristuals" as some call them) the symbolism and meaning will always point us to Christ.

Je vous aime!
A bientôt!
Elder Russell

I'm in the branch of Pointe Noire now!

February 5 2018,

Well, I'm feeling better. A bacteria called shegella something-or-other was what has been bothering me. The doctor told me to take some anti-biotics that should help with my intestinal tract also so ça va.

I'm in the branch of Pointe Noire now! Lots of changes recently. Elder Muamba, Elder Robin's new companion finally came and the Pointe Noire apartement has the most space so there I am. I'm with Elder Reese from Utah and Elder Kabengele from RDC Kinshasa. They're cool and chill. I've started helping Elder Reese with his pronunciation by reading the Book of Mormon out loud. Other than that not much news sector wise because I'm new here, but I'll get some more to you! We have one ami with a baptismal date: Fr Ivan the son of a member, more should be soon to come.

One of the things I learned about this week is the power of prayer. Often I'm distracted but if I pray I can focus easier. So pray! It helps! Fasting was hard this sunday because of the sickness (it still has me a bit, but the worst is over).

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme!

Elder Russell

This week was kind of a downer...

January 29 2018

Well this week was below average to say the least. I got sick on Tuesday (and it was bad that night. I threw up everything I had eaten and I was going to the bathroom all night. Fortunately, I had the sense to drink a lot of water) and it's still kind of there. The Sorensens think I ate something and that gave parasites or something. I finally got the medication they recommended. Stupid pharmacies were closed a bunch. I did go to the doctors to get some tests but they are still waiting on the last one. So we had two whole days of nothing this week, and the days we did go out I was having a hard time.

Fr Prince was at church, though one ami, Fr Sejean, didn't make it and we weren't able to talk to him this week.

We saw a brawl on the street as we waited for someone... that was interesting. Yeah.

So this week was kind of a downer but at least we were able to do something!

Je vous aime!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme!
Elder Russell