Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gospel learning and peace

Monday June 20 2016

Sœur Suzy came to sacrament meeting again! She is so excited to learn about the gospel and she is learning fast. She taught us half of our last lesson because she had learned about prophets during Church on the 12th. She wasn't able to stay the entirety of Church yesterday because her son got circumcised.

This week I remembered to bring my journal. I found my little study journal I got at the MTC (it was in my suitcase) and so started using that again, so that is nice. We had the assistants work with our apartment and the Bonaperi apartment (the other apartment in Douala) so that was cool. The assistants are Elder Lergerski (whose blog we've probably read) and Elder Midika. 

We finally had an investigator accept to read the Book of Mormon and now he is struggling in life so I pray that he finds peace and help through the Gospel. 

We made pizza this week and it was good! Do think you could send me some simple dinner recipes too? So far I've only made tacos, pizza, eggs and beef, and spaghetti.

Je t'aime!
Je ne crainds (crains? I need to check that again. and it is pronounced like crayon, but without the o) personne!

Elder Russell
Selfie! (Hair is gradually getting lighter)

my soul delighteth

Monday June 13 2016

My French is coming along well. I have set a goal to speak French as much as I can (sometimes it is hard when you have English speaking missionaries in the apartment). Sometimes I have parts of dreams in French, but not a whole dream yet. My companion is super. He is very patient with me and is always making sure I am okay. The new missionary (Elder Kincaid) is from California. He has a great desire to learn and keep the all the mission rules. He speaks French well and he knows lots of interesting facts. 

Currently I have just finished the Isaiah chapters of second Nephi. It was actually really cool because the French scriptures have things called CAD which give explanation to some phrases, and other phrases are much more clear when translated in French (but others not so much) So it is nice to use the French triple combination with my quad (but not the French Bible, the Church doesn't have its own French Bible yet so there are lots of weird things there). I've also been studying more about the atonement and repentance.

The Senior Couple introduced us to a new investigator who is very eager to learn and get baptized. She says she knows the Book of Mormon is true because when there is a passage of scripture in the Bible she doesn't understand if she reads about that topic in the BOM it is clear. So that is really cool! She gave us little souvenirs too (she is an artist, a very talented one too) She has two kids. We also gave a blessing to a member last week and he is doing much better.
The weather is hot, but since I'm already in the hottest area in the mission it can only get cooler.

Je t'aime
Je ne crainds personne!

Elder Russell

Voila, images!

Gift from Soeur Suzy -  wood carved turtle

Soeur Anita's Baptism

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Share the Gospel? Of Course!

Monday June 6 2016

The branch is really nice. Small but nice. The investigators are going along, some progressing, some not. We have one investigator who has two houses and so is sometimes in our branch and sometimes another. He had put in a request for a Book of Mormon.

Also, Sœur Anita was baptized and confirmed! I'm so happy for her and I know that as she progresses in the Gospel she will have so much joy and peace. She even already understands the importance of missionary work! She is visiting her family this week and ask if she could share the Gospel with them. We said, "Of course!"

Sadly both my companion and I forgot to bring our cameras to the baptism. I'll take a picture of a picture and send it next week!

Je t'aime
Je ne crains personne!

Elder Russell

My Work and My Glory

Monday May 30 2016

I know exactly what scripture I would like on my Missionary Plaque; Moses 1:39 "For behold, this is my work and my glory; to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man"

Sœur Anita, she is able to come to Church now! She will be getting baptized this week if all go smoothly. Frère Guy isn't progressing, however. When we try to commit him to something he just changes the subject and reluctantly says okay. Sœur Judite said last week that she will come to Church this week, Frère Jean-Claude seems interested in the Gospel and we haven't visited Frère Amerique because he is out of town.

If you do have any contacts, present them to the missionaries. I realize that would be a bit more odd in the US than here since everyone here is a lot more open with talking about religion, but you fear no man.

I hear lots of stories about the Congolese Elders, and by that I mean stories about them being disobedient. So that's interesting. Personally I wont judge them until I meet them. Oh! Elder Cicon is getting transferred to Pointe Noir and now Elder Izere is District Leader. We'll be getting an Elder from the Ghana MTC this week who will be trained by Elder Kadima, Elder Cicon's old companion.
Honestly, if I'd actually remember to bring my journal to the Cyber Café, telling you about daily life would be much easier. I wish there more trees here, and I did see a pine tree the other day, that was cool. I wish it rained more. I thought it would rain much more here, but it doesn't rain that much (though I'm sure it will soon). I love personal study, I learn a lot about the Gospel and French. It's hot. Yep!

Oh! we also had another baptism last week of some of a family. Pictures!

Well, this one is of Fou Fou (or Fu fu... or something)

And here is the whole family
Je t'aime!
Je ne crainds personne! (I fear no one!)
Elder Russell

Ups and Downs

Monday May 23, 2016

I loved the talk by Larry R. Lawrence from October conference so much and I have actually started asking "What lack I yet?" in my personal prayers. Thank you so much for the encouragement and I say the same to you guys; We will all go through trials but with the help of the Lord we can persevere to the end.

Elder Zobell and his companion, Elder Razafieremanana baptized three people this week in a family. And sadly Sœur Anita is being forbidden by those she lives with to come to Church, so it would be awesome if you could pray for her. I have some pictures of the baptism. In one of the photos you can see Elder Cicon having some success photobombing, Elder Razafieremanana is the one on the left who is pointing in one of the pictures. I also think that all those little children are part of the family.

Elder Razafieremanana left, Elder Zobell right

More Family
Je t'aime!
Je ne crainds personne! (I fear no one!)

Elder Russell

Letter from Sister Call

Friday May 20 2016

Dear Bro. and Sister Russell,

My husband and I are the senior missionary couple here in Cameroon. Because our children have also served missions, we thought you would like to hear about your son and get a couple of pictures. 
Elder Russell is doing a great job as a missionary.  We were a bit concerned about him at first because he got very red out in the Cameroon sun.  However, the red has now turned brown and he looks great. He seems to be getting along well with his companion and he never complains about anything.  Last night we were at their apartment and Elder Russell shared some things with me that he had written in his missionary handbook.  They were written by a former missionary and was advice given to missionaries about following and listening to their trainer.  It was great advice and I am sure Elder Russell is following that advice.  Anyway, you have a great son…thank you for teaching him and sending him on a mission.   

One of the first days in Cameroon....before the tan. Love the smile. :)
Having FHE at our apartment.  We played Scripture Charades beforehand and I asked them to pretend to be the person they portrayed. Elder Russell was the Lamanite king who was stabbed by the wicked men of Amalikiah.
He has lost a little weight, but it looks like he is still eating well.

Encouragement and Prayers

Monday May 16 2016

(Skyped with Elder Russell for Mother's day. We loved seeing his happy face and talking to him for almost an hour!)

People to pray for: Sœur Anita, Frère Amerique, Frère Guy, Sœur Judite, Frère Bruce and Frère Jean-Claude.

As for the people we are teaching... not much. We set a baptism date with Sœur Anita and I hope she will be ready for that (June 4th). Sœur Judite loves learning about the gospel from our lessons but she hasn't really read the book of Mormon, which means she hasn't prayed about it. I am getting better at just opening my mouth and speaking because I FEAR NO MAN.

I fear no man
Je t'aime

Elder Russell

Working with "Mormon Helping Hands" cleaning up around a river

Working with "Mormon Helping Hands" cleaning up around a river