Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gospel learning and peace

Monday June 20 2016

Sœur Suzy came to sacrament meeting again! She is so excited to learn about the gospel and she is learning fast. She taught us half of our last lesson because she had learned about prophets during Church on the 12th. She wasn't able to stay the entirety of Church yesterday because her son got circumcised.

This week I remembered to bring my journal. I found my little study journal I got at the MTC (it was in my suitcase) and so started using that again, so that is nice. We had the assistants work with our apartment and the Bonaperi apartment (the other apartment in Douala) so that was cool. The assistants are Elder Lergerski (whose blog we've probably read) and Elder Midika. 

We finally had an investigator accept to read the Book of Mormon and now he is struggling in life so I pray that he finds peace and help through the Gospel. 

We made pizza this week and it was good! Do think you could send me some simple dinner recipes too? So far I've only made tacos, pizza, eggs and beef, and spaghetti.

Je t'aime!
Je ne crainds (crains? I need to check that again. and it is pronounced like crayon, but without the o) personne!

Elder Russell
Selfie! (Hair is gradually getting lighter)

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