Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Work and My Glory

Monday May 30 2016

I know exactly what scripture I would like on my Missionary Plaque; Moses 1:39 "For behold, this is my work and my glory; to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man"

Sœur Anita, she is able to come to Church now! She will be getting baptized this week if all go smoothly. Frère Guy isn't progressing, however. When we try to commit him to something he just changes the subject and reluctantly says okay. Sœur Judite said last week that she will come to Church this week, Frère Jean-Claude seems interested in the Gospel and we haven't visited Frère Amerique because he is out of town.

If you do have any contacts, present them to the missionaries. I realize that would be a bit more odd in the US than here since everyone here is a lot more open with talking about religion, but you fear no man.

I hear lots of stories about the Congolese Elders, and by that I mean stories about them being disobedient. So that's interesting. Personally I wont judge them until I meet them. Oh! Elder Cicon is getting transferred to Pointe Noir and now Elder Izere is District Leader. We'll be getting an Elder from the Ghana MTC this week who will be trained by Elder Kadima, Elder Cicon's old companion.
Honestly, if I'd actually remember to bring my journal to the Cyber Café, telling you about daily life would be much easier. I wish there more trees here, and I did see a pine tree the other day, that was cool. I wish it rained more. I thought it would rain much more here, but it doesn't rain that much (though I'm sure it will soon). I love personal study, I learn a lot about the Gospel and French. It's hot. Yep!

Oh! we also had another baptism last week of some of a family. Pictures!

Well, this one is of Fou Fou (or Fu fu... or something)

And here is the whole family
Je t'aime!
Je ne crainds personne! (I fear no one!)
Elder Russell

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