Thursday, June 23, 2016

my soul delighteth

Monday June 13 2016

My French is coming along well. I have set a goal to speak French as much as I can (sometimes it is hard when you have English speaking missionaries in the apartment). Sometimes I have parts of dreams in French, but not a whole dream yet. My companion is super. He is very patient with me and is always making sure I am okay. The new missionary (Elder Kincaid) is from California. He has a great desire to learn and keep the all the mission rules. He speaks French well and he knows lots of interesting facts. 

Currently I have just finished the Isaiah chapters of second Nephi. It was actually really cool because the French scriptures have things called CAD which give explanation to some phrases, and other phrases are much more clear when translated in French (but others not so much) So it is nice to use the French triple combination with my quad (but not the French Bible, the Church doesn't have its own French Bible yet so there are lots of weird things there). I've also been studying more about the atonement and repentance.

The Senior Couple introduced us to a new investigator who is very eager to learn and get baptized. She says she knows the Book of Mormon is true because when there is a passage of scripture in the Bible she doesn't understand if she reads about that topic in the BOM it is clear. So that is really cool! She gave us little souvenirs too (she is an artist, a very talented one too) She has two kids. We also gave a blessing to a member last week and he is doing much better.
The weather is hot, but since I'm already in the hottest area in the mission it can only get cooler.

Je t'aime
Je ne crainds personne!

Elder Russell

Voila, images!

Gift from Soeur Suzy -  wood carved turtle

Soeur Anita's Baptism

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