Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Letter from Sister Call

Friday May 20 2016

Dear Bro. and Sister Russell,

My husband and I are the senior missionary couple here in Cameroon. Because our children have also served missions, we thought you would like to hear about your son and get a couple of pictures. 
Elder Russell is doing a great job as a missionary.  We were a bit concerned about him at first because he got very red out in the Cameroon sun.  However, the red has now turned brown and he looks great. He seems to be getting along well with his companion and he never complains about anything.  Last night we were at their apartment and Elder Russell shared some things with me that he had written in his missionary handbook.  They were written by a former missionary and was advice given to missionaries about following and listening to their trainer.  It was great advice and I am sure Elder Russell is following that advice.  Anyway, you have a great son…thank you for teaching him and sending him on a mission.   

One of the first days in Cameroon....before the tan. Love the smile. :)
Having FHE at our apartment.  We played Scripture Charades beforehand and I asked them to pretend to be the person they portrayed. Elder Russell was the Lamanite king who was stabbed by the wicked men of Amalikiah.
He has lost a little weight, but it looks like he is still eating well.

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