Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Progress and Updates

Monday June 27 2016

It is so great to hear about the amazing experiences you are all having! And it was funny to hear that Dad had installed the wrong doors, similar to when we had trouble with the closet doors. Keep on working Dad to be the best father you can possibly be (you are already a great father in my opinion). It is so sad too hear that so many people will be out of the ward! I wish them all good luck and hope they find great joy wherever they are going.

Sœur Suzy's son is probably at least five years old, so I really imagine circumcision wasn't fun for him. Unfortunately, she was not able to make it to Church this last week, but I pray she will this Sunday. Frère Bruce is the one who is struggling and reading the Book of Mormon. He still has some doubts about reading it but I know he can overcome them. Sœur Anita is currently in Village (I think we should ask the Missionaries for that sector to see if they can teach her) because her mother has had some health issues. I pray everything turns out all right for her and that she will stay true to the Gospel. We have also started teaching an investigator who former missionaries had found and who had been gone for a while and she seems to have a deep desire to learn of the Gospel, her name is Sœur Patricia. We are also teaching her friend, Sœur Rosaline, who is a less active member who had introduced her to the missionaries. 

Also our Branch received computers for doing Family History work! I am very excited that soon the missionaries will be able to say that we have somewhere where people can do their family history and that they will be able to feel the Spirit of Elijah. I also picked up and started reading Jesus the Christ on Friday. I only do it in the morning just after exercising and taking a shower and at night after Supplementary Study and right now it is like I'm just reading a book but I am so excited to actually study it because even form just reading it I have learned so much about the Savior... also Jewish culture at the time of Jesus. 

The missionary companionships in the apartment are: Elder ZoBell and Elder Razafieremanana, Elder Kincaid and Elder Kadima, and Elder Izere and I.
Unfortunately I keep forgetting to bring my camera, so I don't have pictures :(

Je vous aime! (I love you all!)
Je ne crainds personne!

Elder Russell

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