Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy Independence Day! (and family reunion via email)

July 4 2016

We actually made cheese quesadillas one time. They were good (but cheese is expensive). Elder Kincaid made potatoes which was pretty easy. (He) is pretty on top of finding recipes from his mom. We are going to eat hamburgers tonight for the fourth of July. Yum!
This week was very slow. We had a lot of Ratévous (appointments fall through) and our sector is so small that we tend to get a lot of contacts for the two other sectors in our district. The best part of my week was that one of our contacts came to Church without first having a lesson. Also Sœur Anita came this week. We have been teaching a less active member, Sœur Rosaline, and she commited to come to Church. Unfortunately she often works late so getting up early is hard for her, so she didn't make it this week. The members have started looking for a building that they could use closer to everyone, so that is cool.


(Rachael commented: I'm getting almost as tan as you, hahahaha, just kidding I don't think I could ever get that tan.)

Yeah, I think I'll be as dark as a Malagase (Madagascar) at the end of my mission, though they are not as dark as other Africans.


(Aunt Sarah commented: I am interviewing all the family and asking them these same questions. Be detailed and specific
It is your birthday dinner, what do you want to eat? It can be anything.
What would you choose for your birthday cake? Flavor, icing, decorations?
What would you choose for ice cream?
If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
You walk into a candy store and it has every imaginable candy and sweets in it. You can have something free, what do you choose?)

1. I would have clam chowder in a sourdough breadbowl
2. My birthday cake would be chocolate with vanilla ice cream in the middle. there would be a creamy chocolate topping with a light coating of blue frosting saying "Happy numberth Birthday!"
3. I would choose vanilla chocolate ice cream.
4. If I could be any animal I would be... a dragon, because dragons are cool (I'd be a giant, flying, lizard, that is pretty cool). Now, if it has to be a real animal... a narwhal, because then I'm a water unicorn.
5. I'd take... some dark chocolate. But not too dark. It tastes good.


(Replying to Grandma)
Thank you for your love and support grandma. I miss you too but it will only be for a small time. And in that small time I have much work to do.


I love you all! Happy birthday to Chris and Maggie. I miss you all. Continue to learn and to grow and trust in the Lord.
Je ne crains (that is the correct spelling) personne!
Je t'aime!

Elder Russell

Sending love to Elder Russell from siblings and cousins

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