Monday, January 8, 2018


October 30 2017

So, to start off, we got 20 new amis thanks to the Stake Conference. SO MUCH TO DO. Fr Ebibas, SR Phaelle and Sr Princilla were confirmed this week and SR Fegie and Fr Enock were baptized. But yeah, things are going well. I'm glad Aaron has work again, that is a good thing. I'm also glad that we are all still learning many things that will help us all (I know I am) I keep finding things on how to become more like Jesus and also about studying the scriptures. We have an ami named Fr Archange who is pretty much already ready he just needs to realize that if he knows the book of Mormon is true then that means it is all true. Once he understands that he will be totally ready. We have several amis who seem like they are not really interested and a couple who seem on the fence. I guess as we progress we will know. Aside from that the week was just like any other.

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme!

Elder Russell
Fr Ebibis,Sr Phaelle, Sr Princilla

Sr Fegie, Fr Enock

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