Monday, January 8, 2018

Elder Kisimba is a hard worker and also a jokester

November 6 2017

Yep, things are busy here. Not all of the 20 amis are progressing but a good amount are. Fr Archange is awesome. He just needs to recognize that a confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true means that the Church is the Church of God. The recent converts are just going at it too. The Young Single Men here are so excited and motivated to share the Gospel. SR Shekina is starting to progress too, I think it's because she started working on "My Personal Progress" We'll have Zone Conference the 23rd so that should be interesting. As for my companion, he's great! Elder Kisimba is a hard worker and also a jokester. The new missionaries are having an interesting time adapting to a new language and culture, it is especially hard for some of them because their companion doesn't know English. ça va aller.

I remember reading about the seagull miracle in the history of the church someone had left at Yaounde, it was a good book, and an amazing miracle.

I didnt take any pictures this week, sorry!

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme!

Elder Russell

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