Monday, January 8, 2018

Brother Jacques Van-something....(he's not French by the way, despite the name)

October 23 2017

Cool! what a fun little week. For us this week was okay. We had interesting time trying to juggle rendez-vous in the morning and studying at night. We just have to adapt. Our amis are progressing well. We contacted Fr Gabriel again. His phone finally works. Fr Van had some troubles with the Book of Mormon because he didn't understand how it was laid out, but we read with him and he is starting to understand. 

We had stake conference this week  which was good. Brother Jacques Van-something (I forgot my notes) spoke (he's not French by the way, despite the name) and it was cool. He talked about how Satan lies to us. O.N.E.
O-Only do it once (It's never only once)
N-Nobody will know (you will know, Heavenly Father will know, Jesus Christ will know, The Holy Ghost will know)
E-Everyone is doing it (no)

So yeah. That was great. I forgot my camera AGAIN. I reallyl need to bring that to the cyber café. Sr Fegie wil be baptized this week. That's all I have for now.

Je vous aime!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme!

Elder Russell

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