Wednesday, September 21, 2016

we fixed the AC again. Yay!

September 19 2016

This was a pretty slow week. We had quite a few ratez-vous (When the person isn't there for the lesson) but the people who we did visit are progressing well (They were also all sisters, for some reason). Sr K is going to be baptized next week! I am excited for her. Continue to pray for her so that she may be able to stand firm in the faith. Sr S is still on that edge of really deciding if she wants to get baptized and making that commitment to serve the Lord with all of her heart. Pray for her also. Pray for Fr G and for Sr K in regards to their work. Sr K is looking for a job and Fr G really wants to be able to go to Church but his work prevents him. Pray for Fr M so that he may feel the truth of the Book of Mormon and take the decision to be baptized. And just pray for everyone. Saturday was an interesting day. Because the calls are gone Elder Izere has to do a lot more things, like distribute soutien money. So we had to go to Bonaberi, which wasn't as bad as it normally is, because normally the traffic is insane. Then there was a baptismal service, which started two hours late because no one was there on time. But six people still got baptised! So that was good. Also, we fixed the AC again. Yay!

I'm glad to hear that, despite all the problems and complications that come in life, you had a good week. I'm glad to hear that you are continuing to progress and that Stacey is having a good time at school (Mr Gillingham is quite hilarious. Has he told you any stories yet? And say hi to Mrs Kersten for me!). I hope the whole family is doing well. Don't forget to send everyone my love and tell them to keep on keeping on. Be happy. Smile, cry, laugh, and help others. And above all trust in the Lord. Now that is the secret to happiness.

Je vous aime! (and "I miss you" in French is <Tu me manques> which is interesting because word for word that reads "You me miss" Interesting the differences between French and English)
Nous ne craignons personne!

Elder Russell

Sorry for the lack of photos! I wish I had at least some from the baptism but I thought I had left my camera when we at the baptism, and I only realized later that I had brought it!

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