Sunday, September 4, 2016

We have an air conditioner. It doesn't work.

August 22 2016

I am doing excellent! Are investigators are coming along. One newer investigator who is the younger Sister of a member came to Church unexpectedly (we hadn't yet invited her to come) so that was cool. Her name is Sr K and we gave her the Book of Mormon last lesson. Sr S said she will be able to come to Church a lot more because she found better housing while she works on her house (she is a hard worker) so that will be really nice. Fr G wasn't able to make it to Church these last two Sundays, work is still a big obstacle for him, but he loves taking the lessons. We also helped Sr S understand the Grande Apostasie (French there) better, namely in how the authority of God had been lost and taken from the Earth, then restored to Joseph Smith. Now she really understands that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church with the authority of God on the Earth, or the only true and living church. Sr J will be going home this week, but she did ask if she could continue the missionary lessons when she returns next year. There were also some baptisms this week, all kids (one was a teenager but that is still technically a kid) because one investigator wasn't properly informed about where the baptism would take place. Elder Kincaid and Elder Nkashama had a fun time with that. Oh, also for transfers nothing changed except that all the Americans became Senior companions. Elder Izere is still Zone Leader, and Elder Nkashama is still District Leader.

We have an air conditioner. It doesn't work. But as it is the rainy season it isn't too bad -unlike when I arrived here, that was hot.

Unfortunately, our Branch is rather disorganized when it comes to activities, as are all the Branches in Douala. We had a service activity once. That was fun.

(In response to a comment from his Dad about a lesson He (Rich) taught about the temple) I remember someone in conference had said something along the lines of "Everything we do should have Celestial Marriage in mind". The mission is preparing me for that I am sure, and exaltation is the goal. That can only be accomplished by going to the Temple and being sealed to someone for time and all eternity. Which is amazing.

Je vous aime tous, portez-vous bien!
Nous ne craignons personne!
Elder Russell

And sadly the computer doesn't like my camera again. Weird

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