Sunday, September 4, 2016

....habituated to AZERTY

August 29 2016

I'm typing with a keyboard whose keys don't match up! Also I am now habituated to AZERTY style keyboards, fun. Anyways, Sr S still had some stuff she had to do at her house so she wasn't there this week. We challenged her to baptism and she said yes when she receives an answer about the Book of Mormon. She also wants Elder Call to do it and the Calls will be going to Brazzaville soon because the couple in the mission office will be leaving soon. Yep. Sr K agreed to be baptized though! She stills has some doubts but She reads the Book of Mormon regularly and she loves the teachings. Another new investigator is very interested in the Book of Mormon too. We haven't given him one yet as we first responded to some concerns about the fall but I hope we will soon. Lots of people yelled at me this week, called me a liar and other such things. It was honestly kind of funny, though also sad. Because they have prejudices against white people and Churches that impedes them from hearing the message of the restored gospel, and that honestly pains my heart.

I'm glad to hear your week was good again. Thanks for all the support and advice you give me. I'm glad that you're going to the temple together and helping those who have passed on come to the blessings of the atonement. Yes, I am a Senior companion. That just means I get to do more planning pretty much.

I pray that you continue to learn and grow in the gospel each day and continue to love each other and those around you.

Also, could you send a pizza dough recipe?

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons personne!
Elder Russell

And now the computer won't show the new photos, dang it. I'll have lots of photos to send next week, that's for sure.

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