Sunday, October 16, 2016

we will miss you soldier

September 27 2016

First off, Sr C (I've been spelling it wrong this entire time) got baptised Saturday! It was very cool, even if everyone showed up late and the font hadn't been filled... again. Also everything went haywire this week in the apartement. The electricity went out and we had to by an expensive part to get it fixed and the water went off twice this week. We also had to replace almost all the lights because our electricity problem burnt them out. So for two days this week we ended up doing almost nothing. Fortunately, today we went to cyber after all our lessons at the least effective hour for proselyting, because it is Tuesday and all the cybers lost connection monday. So except for the cool baptism everything was just crazy and I barely remember anything else. I don't have your postcard yet (those come with transfers, and then only if someone is transferred in the same general area, or if Pres Monga is coming by he might bring it). All the missionaries ate at Pres Mbengue's house, it was fish with Ndole and a vegetable mix. That was good and we had lots of fun talking. Also our Branch did an exercise activity and my legs burned for two days after. And some random guy took my glasses and asked me why I was there, but his friends told him to let it go and give me back my glasses. There are some interesting experiences on the mission, no doubt about it. Oh, and one of my dress sandals broke. A sad day indeed, we will miss you soldier.

Sr A is doing well. She says she is continuing to read her scriptures and do everything she can even though she can't get to Church easily. I have no doubt if she has the means she will come, as it was the last time she came. We talked with Fr M again this week and emphasized the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and being ready to act. Sr S is still having some trouble getting to Church, and I think that might be mostly a lack of understanding about what we are inviting her to do. Oh, and unfortunately due to craziness we didn't teach Fr G or Sr S :-( But this week we will! I pray for Aaron too.

I'm doing very well. I keep learning new things every day, many of which I see how it will help me in the future. I am so glad I came on a mission! I wouldn't want it to end right now but if something entirely out of my control made me go home I could honestly say that it was worth it.

Je vous aime!
Nous ne craignons personne!

Elder Russell
Sr. C's Baptism

It's hard to take selfies with a regular camera

we will miss you soldier

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