Sunday, October 30, 2016

I can SEE!

October 17 2016

This week was a great, if unexciting, week. One highlight is that we saw Sr A again this week! That was great, it had been so long and it was very wonderful to see that she is still trying to live the gospel and ready to renew her covenants when the opportunity comes. She went back to the village today so we're not sure when we will see her next, but she said it will be soon. Sr C was out of town for this Sunday, but she said she will be back next week. A one year contract was signed for a building in our sector. I hope that helps at least some people come to Church again (I know it will help one Maman who has lots of children, she comes when she can. I also totally forgot her name) Sr S is interesting. We've noticed that she is very focused on people. This last lesson we tried to help to realize that the people don't matter, God matters. We're not sure understood entirely. We had a meeting with President Monga Sunday at Bonaberi which was awesome. He definitely helped me realize that most things rely on our efforts as missionaries. Working with the members, progression of amis (up to a point. I can't force anyone to get baptised) and lots of other things. Sr H, an older Maman we teach came to Church this week! That was great.

As for Fr P and Sr P; Fr P is out of town a lot and We haven't gotten hold of Sr P again. We have a return missionary who we call (Fr N B) because he is the one who presented us to her and her number doesn't go through. We hope to teach them both this week.

The new glasses are nice. I can SEE! You never realize how bad your eyesight is until you get new lenses. As for food, We don't get many Manger-vous (mahn jay voo. Where you eat at an appointment) here, though apparently, they are common in Yaoundé, and practically non-existent in Brazzaville. I've had Ndole, Fou fou (fu fu?), Coq, gumbo, plaintain (like a banana, but kind of bland) oh, and it turns out cat tastes pretty good and I'm not allergic to the meat. That was in a sandwich from a lady who sells stuff near the apartement (Sr N, actually. She stopped taking the lessons a bit after our arrival). I am looking forward to the Calls coming back!

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons personne!

Elder Russell

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