Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ce n'est pas facile, mais, c'est possible

October 10 2016

This week was okay. We all were excited for conference and Elder Z and Elder R downloaded it on Monday. The new Elder, Elder T is from Tahiti, so it is fun to talk to about what we here from the other Elders in Tahiti. He is very happy and a hard worker, he cleaned the living room very well this morning. We received a few amis (short for, "amis de l'église", which is investigators in French) from some recent activities and started to teach them. There is Sr P and Fr P, though we were only able to teach Sr P this week out of those two. We also started teaching the sister of one of the members and she is very ready to learn the gospel. The second lesson we gave her a Book of Mormon. Sadly she lives in Edea but she visits Douala often, so it shouldn't be too hard to teach her. We were not able to teach Sr S this week, as there was conference and she had something going on the time we usually teach her. She was not at church on Sunday :(

Conference was cool, though almost no one came Saturday and we had technical problems at the end on Monday. Also for some reason the branches weren't together... not sure why. I expected at least our branch and that of Village to be together as they are in the same building. Also it turns out that Church has already bought property here in Douala, probably so that they have it when the Church is big enough to build its own building. So that is cool. So basically we have the same thing happening. Investigators you know and love either don't progress or stop progressing, you find new ones and you are always praying so dang hard that they will soften their hearts and accept the gospel fully in their lives. What we like to say is, "Ce n'est pas facile, mais, c'est possible" It's not easy but it is possible. Also, ça va aller! I really liked Elder Shmutz' talk and how he mentioned the necessity of trials, because I think that is something a lot of people often forget.

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons personne!
Elder Russell

French Word of the Day: Malheur. Sadness or... badness? Opposite of Bonheur, happiness.



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