Thursday, August 24, 2017

Goodbye my trainer!

July 24 2017

Things here have changed a bit with the transfers. Elder Luteso will now be working in the zone of Makelekele (Mah-keh-leh-keh-leh), which is still in Brazzaville, with Elder Razafierimanana. I will be working in the sector of Mikalou with Elder Cicon (wow! was not expecting that. The two Jared's are working together!) The sister missionaries that were in Mikalou will be working in Tsieme, so they switched us around. That will make transport easier for both groups. I'll still be in the same apartement. Elder MAlu Malu is going to Gabon and Elder Robin will work with Elder Muyala, who is from the same stake as Elder Luteso. ELder Izere is also going home. Goodbye my trainer! And good luck in life. Fr Romual did come to Church (but sadly not Fr Bel)! That was awesome. The members also brought quite a few of their friends so that was cool. We also met two cool new investigators who I wish I had another chance to teach: Fr Faveur and  Fr Leonel, lots of good questions which can be answered by the Book of Mormon. It was kind of weird being in a sector for only one transfer. I'll miss Tsieme, even though I didn't get to know it as well as New Bell or Ekounou. I got a new SD card, so I should be able to send pictures. As for musical instruments, they have their drums and I did see a weird flute sort of thing one time, but I'm not too knowledgeable on that, I'll have to ask around. I didn't bring my journal (again) so I don't have a reference of all my experiences but it was a good week. I've also had a good time keeping a study journal, I've gotten really good at keeping notes of what I studied in the Book of Mormon. It helps a lot.

Je vous aime!

Elder Russell

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