Friday, August 25, 2017

He is hilarious, chill, and serious all at the same time

August 7 2017

It was a good week here. We visited a lot of our amis and it was nice to see them progressing little by little, though we have some complicated cases.  We have Fr Theophile who has this burning testimony but he has some fears concerning his uncle who is a pastor in a revivalist Church, so that impedes him from being baptized. There is also the Mother of Sr Gloire, Sr Atese, who wants to be baptized but she has problems with her husband. There is also the Sr Belvie who will have to wait a bit because she needs her interview but the timetable is a little hard to work with. We also had a cool lesson with Fr Ngoyi about the Holy Ghost because he had a lot of worries about receiving a confirmation of the truth, but the Holy Ghost was there in the lesson and we testified of that so I hope that will help him.

We also had an awesome zone conference with President Thompson. He is hilarious, chill, and serious all at the same time. It was a great spiritual experience. He emphasized the importance of the message of the Restoration, something that Elder Cicon was doing with me. We went through it and saw that the Restoration of the Gospel (as in the story of Joseph Smith) covers all the points of which we speak in the lesson. I also started a more in-depth study of Christlike virtues so that I can develop them better. Sunday went well. I like the ward and everyone seems very happy. I'm excited to get to know the people better. So that was my week!

Je vous aime!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme!

Elder Russell

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