Friday, August 25, 2017

...and smacked my head on a tree branch. Except that last part it was really fun.

August 21 2017

I'm so happy for Rachael and Tyler! Perhaps a little disappointed that I wasn't there and that I won't be able to see a total solar eclipse near us, but being here is definitely better than the eclipse.

We weren't able to visit Fr Ngoyi and Fr Ebibas often enough to prepare them to be baptized the 27th (they also weren't at Church) Fr Vieclaire doesn't feel ready but it's good with Sr Sagesse and her kids. So we'll have three baptisms this week. Sr Gloire came late to Church so she wasn't confirmed (but her mom came!)

We read about the Book of Mormon this week in the teachings of Gordon B Hinckley and I was really touched by the testimony that if we read the Book of Mormon with an attitude of meditation and prayer that we will strengthen our testimony, have a greater desire to keep the commandemants and something else that I forgot, but just those two there are really cool. SO I'm going to do that.

We still got lots to do. We finally talked to our Bishop (who was in Pointe Noire), who happens to be Fr Ghilson! Cool, right? He helped us know some other amis that we should visit, so that is good.

Things are still going well with our apartement. Elder Cicon is a goofball, but a good worker and Elder Robin and Elder Muyala are getting along also.

Oh! We got to help out at an orphanage on Saturday! I washed clothes and plates and smacked my head on a tree branch. Except that last part it was really fun. I have some pictures, though I'm not sure I'm in any because I was mostly taking them. We'll see! The lady running the orphanage was really touched, and apparently confused because 1) The Bishop was helping 2) We didn't bring the publicity (in her terms "the TV, someone said, "God is our TV!" in response after the activity).  

Je vous aime et felicitations! 
Nous ne craignons acun homme! 

Elder Russell

Elder Cicon and I with Sr Gloire and the whole family except the father and Sr Fael 
A terrible, silly picture, with red eyes

Helping the Orphans

Helping the orphans 2

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