Thursday, September 21, 2017


August 28 2017

One cool thing this week was that we were talking about talents and I made of list of mine so I could see what I could work on. I still need to make some concrete goals but I'm excited to do it. 

One highlight of the week was that people got baptized! Sr Belvie and Sr Sagesse (for some reason her daughter didn't get baptized). We have some other children we are preparing for baptism in addition to others, they are mostly cousins or siblings of other members. We are planning Fr Ngoyi and Fr Ebibas's baptism for the end of September. So still working hard!

We also went to the beach for a zone activity today. It was cool but after taking pictures you don't do much except get sunburnt.

Je vous aime!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme!

Elder Russell

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