Thursday, September 21, 2017

I found a white shirt .... for two cents

September 18 2017

We had a great week this week. We received quite a few contacts and found a few. We have Fr Olivier, who has talked with missionaries at Pointe Noire but is now in our sector; he is interesting and I hope we progress well with him. We also have Fr Hervald who stopped us en route. Yeah, we'll have some work this week with all these contacts. Elder Kisimba is doing well. He loves singing so we just sing together sometimes. He is a good worker too, and has a good desire to follow the missionary manual.

We got Debit cards for our mission. It's really awkward because most ATMs are in the open... it's kind of scary. We're going to have to look for other ATM's too. 

I found a white shirt the other day for two cents, I just need to get the sleeves tailored for two bucks. So little by little I'm acquiring new clothes.

I keep learning cool things from the Book of Mormon student manual, like this, "If we follow the commandments of Satan, we will receive answers from Satan. If we follow the commandments of God, we will receive answers from our Heavenly Father" and, "If we do not obey the commandments then we are ungrateful towards our Lord (we are also in rebellion against him)"

I'm also learning more and more how to "Fear no man"

Je vous aime!
Nous ne craignons aucun homme! or Nous ne craignons personne! or Nous ne craignons pas l'homme! So many ways.
Elder Russell

Language thought: In kitouba (a local language) uhn (pronounce eh-uh, put together fast) means "yes"

Elder Kisimba 

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