Friday, August 25, 2017

better and better at loving the people

July 31 2017

Sounds like things are going well for you! That's good. Things are going well here. It was interesting because we worked in a companionship of three with Elder Malu Malu as well. Elder Cicon is cool and he really loves the restoration message; which is good because, as Preach My Gospel says, that is what helps people gain a testimony. Of course the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ help but our unique message to the world is the restoration of the Gospel. It has been restored and we have a living prophet who leads the Church. And the Book of Mormon is the convincing proof that the restoration happened. 

Oh, so there was also SECOND round elections so there was no church yesterday. No vehicles on the street, all stores closed. 

I think I'm getting better and better at loving the people. I see their needs and wants, not just "how do I get them baptized" (of course I want that but they have needs, worries, questions, etc. How do I help them gain a testimony of the Gospel?) 

One of my only worries is speaking French with Elder Cicon, because it is really tempting and really easy to speak English with another English speaker. 

I am at the beginning of the Book of Mormon again and it is really cool to see how Nephi's faith and such developed and the trials he faced. As well as the difference shown by Laman and Lemuel. 

Our ward (first ward I've worked in!) is cool. They have a desire to work and the ward missionaries have a cool plan so that they can visit the investigators and all. Our first day in sector we didn't have the area book or phone so we contacted. One contact we taught again: Fr Rex. I think it will go well. We went up a mountain to visit an amie, I wish I had some pictures. But I should be able to get you some other pictures today if all goes well. SO yeah, overall a cool week!

Je vous aime tous tellement!
Nous ne craignons pas l'homme!

Elder Russell
Branch President 

Elder Robin 

Tsieme Goodbyes 
The Primary of Tsieme

Tsieme Goodbyes

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