Friday, August 25, 2017

We also found a bunch of yummy foodstuffs (ketchup, maple syrup....yummm)

August 14 2017

Yeah, this week was cool. We visited a lot of people who are preparing themselves to be baptized the 27th (There's Fr Vieclaire, Fr Ngoyi, Fr Ebibas, Sr Sagesse and her two children, Sr Belvie among others.), and we might have more if all goes well. This coming week looks like it is going to be full because we have around 10 people who we really want to focus on and the members say they have people they want us to finish too, so we shall see how we will juggle all of that. Sr Gloire was baptized this Sunday. It was a good experience and all the Young Women were there to support her.

One cool thing is that I have noticed that my prayers are a lot more like conversations now instead of being like reading off a list.

We also found a bunch of yummy foodstuffs on sale (ketchup, maple syrup.... yumm) so we bought that.

Things are going well with Elder Cicon, like I said he likes to work and we study Preach my Gospel together so that we make sure we are doing things right. It's great!

Sounds like your week was alright! I like that analogy with the pond, it is also true. It is a lot easier to work spiritually if we fill ourselves up constantly rather than waiting every couple days. I admit I am super excited for Rachael and Tyler's wedding, even if I won't be there physically I will be praying for you all.

Je vous aime TELLEMENT!
Nous ne craignons acun homme!
Elder Russell

Elder Cicon, someone, and me

President Thompson, Sister Thompson, and me

WE played Football last monday!

Just me

Elder Kincaid and me

Me, again

Elder Cicon with a funny face

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