Sunday, July 23, 2017


June 19 2017

Hi!!! So, as for the lack of e-mail last week: there was no connection here in the Republic of the Congo. Which brings me to the next big thing: transferred! I am now working in the branch of Tsieme (Chie-may) in the Stake of Brazzaville. My companion is Elder Luteso from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I came here with Elder Kincaid and Elder ZoBell, Elder right got transferred to Douala. We have one investigator who will be baptised soon who is named Fr Bel. He has lots of good questions. Our building is nice, though the road it is on is small. There is also tons of sand here. Tons. Things are slightly more expensive, but they have passion fruit soda and juice here! It's pretty good. Transport is different here, we get in buses instead of taxis (normally) and they have predetermined stops. It will be an interesting battle to know the area. There weren't any problems on the way here, though there were a lot of papers to flll out. Elder Luteso is a good guy, he jokes a lot. We are in an apartment with Elder Robin and Elder Malu Malu. Elder Robin is from Georgia and Elder Malu Malau is also from the DRC.So... that's it for now, I'll see if I can get you some pictures, the connection here is a little slow. Also cool with all the weddings!

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