Sunday, July 23, 2017

....but she does speak Portugeuse

July 10 2017

Here there is not a ton going. Sadly Fr Bel didn't come to Church... again. It's really sad because he reads the Book of Mormon and understands the lessons but he has so much stuff going on in his family and it makes it hard for him to get to Church. We keep on praying for him and hope that he comes. We did meet President and Siser Thompson! That was really cool, they're great. President Thompson has pretty good French and is very patient and understanding. Sister Thompson's French is not as great but she does speak Portugeuse. It was interesting because they gave us the missionary guide things about technology (mostly concerning Ipads) and pretty much everyone wondered if we were getting ipads (I think that would be super weird in this mission). We didn't, thank goodness. It was still aplicable to the electronic devices we have so, not all that weird. We also talked with Sr Melvine, who tried to talk to twice before but she was never home. This week we probably won't be at church because of the municipal elections, we'll see.

I am having so many troubles with photos. Now they won't show up on the computer...

Je vous aime pour toujours et à jamais!
Nous ne craignons pas l'homme!
Elder Russell

Have fun in Peru!

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