Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hi Calvin!!!

June 26 2017

Hi Calvin!!!
As for the transfer: I went to Douala (got my passport and yellow card from the Zone leaders first, oh, no debit card found... weird) then we ate with the Calls and went to the airport doing all the paperwork. Then we went, they gave us a nice little lunch on the way, and we landed in Brazzaville, where we did more paperwork. Then a member with a big van took us the the Mission office, dropped off Elder Kincaid and Elder ZoBell, and took me to my apartement. In other news: official last zone conference with President and Sister Monga! :( I'll miss them. President Monga cried at the meal meeting afterwards. We sang, laughed, took pictures... lots of fun. President Thomson will be getting here Friday. As for the sector... it's different. I got to talk with Elder Razafierimanana, Edler Ramanastoa and others again because the Zone Conference was combined, that was cool. Also I got to talk with Elder Young more, which was fun. Haven’t seen him very much because they have had lots of stuff (the assistants) to do with the change of Presidents coming. And that is all I have for now, plus I forgot my journal, again. I'll work on that.

Nous ne craignons pas l'homme!
Je vous aime!

Elder Russell

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