Monday, January 23, 2017

I took a selfie...and a picture of a picture

January 23 2017

Okay, I wrote in my journal a lot more this week, so that should help with details. We taught Sr Camille (she is about 22 years old) several times this week and the lessons went well. She is already changing her lifestyle and attitude so that they are more in tune with the Gospel. She has a great desire to be baptized. We also found a new amie named Sr Emilienne, who is an older amie, but the cool thing was that she did the additional study in the back of the Plan of Salvation booklet. I had not yet seen that. We also had some difficult lessons with people who are not progressing, though one of those difficult amis came to Church and I think that helped him open up his heart (Fr Essomba). On Friday we helped Elder Odimba, Elder Best, Elder Dou and Elder Kabongo move into their new apartement (which means there are only four of us in the apartement now). My companion and I gave talks about missionary work, mine was specifically that missionary work is everyone's responsability and that we are blessed by it. People came to us afterwards and said they had contacts, I think we just need a reminder from time to time. Concerning things that I learned: I learned that the Lord gives us trials also to help us repent so that we can be pardonned. Which makes sense, sometimes we are too prideful and sometimes we don't realize that we need to repent. (here is one reference: D&C 95:1)

It is good that things are going well, I hope Stacey had fun at "Best of the Northwest" and is having fun with the Stake musical. Thank you for the photos! I took a selfie in front of a small map of Yaoundé, and a picture of a picture of one of the monuments in Yaoundé.

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons personne!

Elder Russell

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