Monday, January 23, 2017

Que le Seigneur continue à vous protéger et que vos plans se réalisent!

January 2 2017

So we now officially have a new sector for Bieymassi. Elder Wright is one of the missionaries and he is training Elder Kobonga (If I didn't get the name wrong) From the DRC, Lubumbashi. The mission is still looking for new apartements for that. We did get to eat with President Zang on the first and it was a great meal. And big, with delicious fruits at the end. We also got to eat poisson braisé, which is delicious, today at Fr Nicodème's. The work was a little slow because we had to help the new missionaries find their way around the sector a little, but we did have a nice look at the area book to a) take out the people for Bieymassi and b) see who the people in are sector are and how we can help them. A very nice weekly planning. So I hope this week will go a lot better.

It's nice hearing about everything back home! About the packages: I know that the Calls have my yellow card but the other packages are probably still in Brazzaville... so yeah, could be a little time before that arrives, unless President Monga came with them (but he doesn't do that very often). Oh yeah, that reminds me. President Monga is staying in Cameroun for two months to help out around here I guess, so that should be interesting. We have two meetings with him: one tommorow and one Wednesday. I got to see Elder Izere today, that was fun. We had a fun time playing foot ball but it always takes a big chunk out of the day. My companion bought a new bag, but then we saw it was too big so we are going to change it out tommorow. There are some really nice and cheap bags here, I might have to buy one before coming home. Also thanks for the French new years wishes! Now I'm going to try.

Que le Seigneur continue à vous protéger et que vos plans se réalisent!

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons personne!

Elder Russell

Me and my formateur! Elder Izere

Elder Best chillin at the Anguissa/Mimboman Branch building. They were waiting for their Branch president
Where we played football
Also where we played football, behind where I took the previous pictures

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