Monday, January 23, 2017

We played football today, which was pretty fun. Still not good at it but I actually participate now.

January 16 2017

We had a district conference this week and President Monga was there. I learned lots of things and I forgot to bring my notes and my journal to the cybercafé, though I did start writing in it again this week. There was lots of talk about the importance of missionary work and sustaining the leaders of the Church. Basically, without those two things the work goes forward very slowly. There was also a talk about the importance of supporting (spiritually and temporally) the family. We have one new amie (technically an old amie), Sr Camille (Pronounced Camy), who wants to be baptised, so we will go through the lessons and make sure she is ready. A non confessionalist pastor, Fr Essomba, started taking real interest in what we were saying after a few lessons where it seemed like he just wanted to dispute, so we will see how that goes. We played football today, which was pretty fun. Still not good at it but I actually participate now. Fr Christian and Sr Joli are starting to open up to the other members, little by little. They still have some trouble with integration. I did two splits, one with Elder Odimba in my sector and one with Elder Gilbert (one of the zone leaders) in his sector (Éleveur). It was pretty cool to see the different ways of teaching. Other than that the week was pretty normal and we will see how the next week goes.

I'm doing well, though I have do some reparations to my mosquito net (but I take my doxy, so I haven't gotten sick) And Elder Bouthot is doing well also, though we are both a bit tired (because we walk alot to find new amis... and then don't find many) but ça va. We are looking at ways we can work with members more, I know we will have to talk to the Branch President and other leaders to have that work well. I love hearing about home and I hope things continue to go well! I also took some picture this week, though not many of me. I'll work on that.

Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons personne!

Elder Russell

Elder Kincaid with a pineapple soda

Elder Kabongo

Elder Kenabualu (ken-abwa-loo)

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