Monday, January 23, 2017

Je vous aime tous!

January 9 2017

This week was a somewhat unsuccessful week and yesterday we took a long, hard look at who was really progressing (or could) and who wasn't (or couldn't) We will be spending a lot more time contacting and trying to visit members also these next weeks. On the bright side, first time I fasted for a full 24 hours here! I always had so much trouble with water, but with lots of prayer and a supportive companion I did it. Sunday was interesting because, frankly, the Branch President (Jean Galbert) gave a chastizement, though it was good. I hope people will take to heart. An ami who has been having a hard time with his family and his foot came to church this week (Fr Kevin, but I only taught him once) so that was cool. Yeah. Found someone who doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and who would want to arrest him (and Mohommad) if they were on the earth. Very interesting experiences. Other than that, pretty uneventful, forgot to take pictures again. But I had some good spiritual development and I learned a lot. I really like reading the Liahona, there are some good stories in there.

Sorry I don't have a lot more to say, I'll try to get better at writing in my journal and taking it with me to the cyber cafe.

Je vous aime tous! (Mom, Dad, Stacey, Rachael, Aaron and all the rest of the family too! And of course lots of others!)
Nous ne craignons personne!

Elder Russell

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