Sunday, February 26, 2017

21 years.....wierd

January 30 2017

So the schedule changes in the mission program are changes to... the schedule we were already using. The schedule in our mission was already earlier than the schedule in most other missions and now everyone will be using our schedule (except of course the special cases). There are changes to the key indicators though (well, that we send to the Church, all of the key indicators are still there): The Church now only receives baptisms and confirmations (one key indicator), investigators with a baptismal date, investigators who attended sacrament meeting, and new investigators. As for our amis; Sr Camille is progressing very well, she will be baptized the eleventh. Sr Emillienne is traveling a bit so we will see her again this week. Fr Essomba... seems to have gotten a bit offended when he realized that we don't believe that everyone can have the Holy Ghost without the proper authority and ordinances, and that we believe that "the Bible is the word of God as far as it is translated correctly" We haven't been able to get hold of him again. Fr Christian and Sr Joli are little by little getting more and more integrated. Fr Christian received the Aaronic priesthood Sunday and is getting a calling with the young men's program (I think). They also found Fr Christian a book on autonomy, something that he really wanted because he has some worries about his work. We found a good number of new amis yesterday through some members and following up on people we had contacted. We (taught) the restoration with three of them (all together) But with the others we just did how to begin teaching. I also forgot my journal so I don't have all the details, but one family lost their daughter almost a year ago near the Church at Etam Mbafia, so we will probably teach the plan of salvation with them.
And I know, it is almost my birthday! 21 years... weird. And almost a year on the mission too. Time flies. I like what you said about Joseph Smith, it is very true. And a lot of time it just takes faith that we are on the right path, and confirming feelings from the Spirit really help.

Je vous aime tous! Tellement!
Nous ne craignons personne!
Elder Russell

And I forgot my camera, sorry.

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