Sunday, February 26, 2017

We celebrated with cake (which had the flavor of sugar, but still, cake)

February 20 2017

Let's see... we invited Fr Frederic to baptism and he accepted, so we will have to work on assistance with him, which could be difficult because of his leg. Sr Lydie was not baptized this week but we put her for the 4th of March and we hope she will be ready by then. The English classes are going slowly, we had six people at the first one and five of them were children, but we hope to have more this week! We had some good lessons with new amis, one being Fr Roger, and hope to progress with them. There are schedule changes for us: wake up at 5:30, excersize and prepare for the day till 7:00 still but personal and companionship study are 30 minutes, then we get a meal and then we go into the sector at 9:00 am and return at 6:00 pm. SO that's different. 

I had a great birthday. We celebrated with cake (which had the flavor of sugar, but still, cake) and we also celebrated the "sommet" (summit, or one year mark) of Elder Bouthot two days after with ice cream. So it was good.

President Monga is coming on Wednesday for a zone conference (I think, still not entirely sure). Tell everyone thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm glad that you keep on learning and growing andI love hearing about what you learned! This week I learned that prayer is really powerful. I had some difficulties this week but by prayer (and loving companions) I received lots of support. So remember that God is always there, even in the most difficult of times, like with Job.

Nous ne craignons pas l'homme!
Je vous aime tous!

Elder Russell

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