Sunday, February 26, 2017

Frying fish isn't easy

February 6 2017

This week was a pretty good week. We were able to get lots of things done and find some new amis. We bought some new mattresses for some of the other missionaries (with mission funds of course). Sr Camille will be getting baptized this week, that will be cool. Another amie, Sr Lydie, will be baptized next week. It is interesting because they are amies who started with missionaries long before us, so they both know the principles of the Gospel pretty well, just took a while for their conversion. Some things I learned this week are 1: Frying fish isn't easy 2: Working in a restaurant would be hard (my companion showed me a bit what that would be like) and 3: It is really sad when someone is a good person but they don't understand/except the Gospel (already knew that but still sad). We visited Fr Essomba again and... he just sort of disputed on every word that came from our mouths, even little things that didn't have anything to do with the Gospel. So yeah... still praying for him. Oh, we had transfers too. There were two transfers in the entire mission. So everybody except for some Sisters in Brazzaville are staying in the same place. Ummm... Fr Christian wants to serve a mission, so he said he'll start preparing for that (and yes, it is a book on autonomy) so, yay!

Other than that not too much has happened, we visited an ami who has a good heart, Fr Achille, but we haven't finished the restoration yet. I took a picture of Elder Pindi (Elder Kincaid's companion), but I really need to get better at taking more pictures. Should've taken a picture of Mount Fébé, that is where Cameroun was dedicated for missionary work.

So yeah, nous ne craignons pas l'homme! (That formation means, "We don't fear man!")
Je vous aime tous!

Elder Russell

Elder Pindi says hi

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