Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Weevils got into our food storage rice...

November 7 2016

Well, once again a bit of a crazy week. But we got to see the calls! I know I said that they would come the eleventh but, je me suis trompé (I was wrong, though more literally translated it is along the lines of "I deceived myself"). 

We found an interesting investigator named Fr C. He knows the Bible very well; if we give him a verse he can usually tell us what it says, even with the verses that people don't know as well. Second lesson and we have already given him the Book of Mormon. The only complication is the plan of salvation. From what I can tell he basically believes there is no sin (though often he condradicts himself on that point) and doesn't believe in the atonement. So if we can help him resolve that then he will make a great member! He is also nice, he gave us free soda. Sr C will teach her first lesson in the Salle des amis (Investigator's room, if I translate that literally, though it is in reality the gospel principles class) so that is cool. Sr S still isn't progressing; we also didn't visit her this week. Sr P progresses slowly, though as my companion said she understands much easier if a member is present. We also started teaching a Sr T, who is very interested in the gospel. She is Catholic but she doesn't actually go to the Catholic Church. 

My studies are going well, often I help Elder Z and Elder R, and sometimes we are all confused together about French, sometimes my companion has the answer. It is good having lots of people who speak French and English.

I got the postcard from hogsmeade, thanks a lot! What I learned this week is that God is always there and ready to help us repent of our sins. Also that people are crazy, though I already knew that. We have a kind and loving Heavenly Father who holds out his hand just waiting for us to take it. All we have to do is reach out let him help us do what we need to do. Because we cannot do his work without his help. No wonder we are always indebted to him.

And the last thing is that we get to see Elder Christofferson next week! So I won't actually send a letter on Monday because that is the day we go to Yaounde. If I get the chance I will totally send a picture.
The Weevils got into ur food storage rice.....

​Elder Z and Elder R lost their DVD player so the Calls brought a new one
​Elder N and I just taking a photo

​Elder T taking a selfie

​Je vous aime tous!
Nous ne craignons personne!

Elder Russell

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