Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I actually sounded French!

November 22 2016

Well, I'm loving the new area, despite all the hills. It's actually a lot bigger than Douala C so we take more taxis, but there are still plenty of hills that taxis cannot take so we do end up walking a lot. We've worked two members already: Fr JC and Sr J. We worked with them for the entire day so we ended up having a lot of lessons in presence of members. There are two amis getting ready for baptism- one of which is quite ready and the other of which still has some preparation -and some others who are waiting to ask their parents. Also apparently the branch will split soon. And we had 15 amis at the Sacrement meeting. So yeah, that was cool.

In the apartement there are six missionaries, just like at Douala, and they're all cool. I don't remember if I said I was with Elder B, but I am with him. It's cool seeing again since he left Douala, and Elder K, though he is in the other District. There are at least five branches, though I am sure there are more, and there is a District (which is like a pre-Stake). From what I can tell the Branch of Ekounou is a good Branch. I already forget pretty much everyone's name from last Sunday except a few people we worked with.

As for French, it is coming along well. One of our amis, who was kind enough to give us a ride home one night, said I actually sounded French! Still practicing, I also speak French a lot more, even though there are two other Americans in the apartement. I'm also trying to write in French a lot more, which is fun but a bit odd since French has a lot of tenses that are limited to writing or extremely formal speech. I started restudying the lessons again because I recognized that I had fallen into a routine with them, now I'm actually trying to discern the needs of the amis. Ah, and I did meet Elder Christofferson and shake his hand. It was cool (he is a very relaxed person).
Thanks for all the love and support! I know this time is precious and I wish to use it to the best of my abilities! Continue learning and growing in the Gospel (and other things, but the Gospel first) and applying it in your lives!

Je vous aime tous tellement!
Nous ne craignons personne!

Elder Russell

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