Sunday, June 18, 2017

"river of shrimp"

May 15 2017
Our week was good. We found some new amis and started teaching them. Sr Sylvie and Sr Badie, they sell wood. We met them in a members taxi (we were at Happy and we needed to get to Shell Nsimeyong where our apartement is and it is a little far away). And it has gone well so far. We still haven't met with Fr Cyrile, though we did manage to get a hold of him. Hopefully this week we will see him. The lessons are going well with Fr Arsene, he has some questions and worries, especially about when he will be in his village since the principles of the gospel are harder to keep there, but he has a lot of faith (even that his family will join the Church, he is a cool guy). Fr Rodrigue I think is learning little by little (line upon line, precept upon precept) more about the Church. He did have the faith to get baptized but now comes the hard part. I think it will help him when he has the Doctrine and Covenants and such, when he is ready. Fr Bisso came to Church! He had lots of questions which I hope we can answer our next rendez-vous. I also learned how Cameroun got it's name: when Portuguese explorers came they found lots of shrimp, so they named it the "river of shrimp" in Portuguese. When the English or French came (don't remember which) they didn't feel like saying "shrimp" in Portuguese so they said "Cameroun". Voila.

I really like Stacey's talk! I'll have to start keeping a tender mercies journal. That should be cool. Also so true with the questions. All we gotta do is keep on holding on to our faith

Nous ne craignons pas l'homme!
Je vous aime tous!
Elder Russell

Picture eating at the Chinese restaurant a couple weeks back 

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