Sunday, June 18, 2017

I made pizza!

May 8 2017

So I pretty much just talked to you, but okay! Fr Rodrigue is still progressing, lots of little questions that come up in Sunday school. Like I said for Fr Arsene, we will be able to meet with him a lot more because he has put a hold on work to take the lessons. We had a member ask if Joseph Smith was a Freemason and we just kind of said, "don't worry about it, just worry about if the Book of Mormon is true." People are very wary of things like that here (probably because of influences from the colonization period when everybody said that anything that wasn't catholic was of the devil) so with lots of people saying "yes" really puts a damper on things. Anyways, just goes to show how important it is to gain a testimony or else you will be led away. Other than that not much more to add onto what we had talked about.
As for people you can pray fror: Fr Cyrille (like I had said, he has struggles with the Word of Wisdom), Fr Rodrigue, Fr Arsene, Fr Frederic (broken foot), Sr Yvonne and anyone else you want to add in of course.

It was great to see everyone! (early Mother's day skype)

Je vous aime avec tout mon cœur!
Nous ne craignons pas l'homme!

Elder Russell

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