Sunday, March 12, 2017

almost one year!

March 6 2017

Yep, almost one year. Weird. It feels like school, in the sense that it seems long but when you look back you realize that, nah, really wasn't that long. 

Sr Lydie did get baptized this week! Fr Frederic was a bit busy this week so we weren't able to visit him, sadly, but I hope we will this week! We did find an investigator who totally has visions about the Book of Mormon. He came to Church one time because he is from one of the villages and saw a Church and said "Oh hey, a Church." So he came in. I think he said he was a priest or something and he has taken religious classes. Anyways. So at the end of one lesson he starts praying and my companion and I just sit there, because we don't want to interrupt his praying. Then at the end of his prayer he takes a journal and starts writing like crazy. Then he explains what he say and it was pretty much a chapter from 2 Nephi. The chapter that says "and there will be many who will say 'eat, drink and be merry; for tommorow we die; and it shall be well with us'" plus a few other chapters before and after that one. So we shared the chapter with him. So I really pray that the lessons will go well with him. Sadly we are out of Book of Mormons. Yep.

I love you all and miss you all too! Je vous aime!
Nous ne craignons pas l'homme!
Elder Russell

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