Saturday, March 26, 2016


Friday March 25 2016
I am doing awesome this week! The language is going great! The lessons are going great also. I try to remember in every prayer to ask for charity for my companion, my district, my zone, those I am/will be serving... and everyone.

I'm doing well with French and my teachers are quite funny. Yesterday one showed us "Santa Claus" in the scriptures (Zech 1:7-10, 2:6) which was hilarious. My companion and I did well in our lessons; Though often we don't invite the investigator to do everything we want to invite them to do we have always invited them to pray.

One cool new thing I learned in French was using the conditional. We didn't go over it in class but I started making flash cards for grammar and words. We also memorized James 1:5 in French. Part of that was translating the meaning into English and that helped a lot. We also went over a review system and decided to recite memorized scriptures (and invitations and the missionary purpose) at the start of companionship study. Elder ZoBell is progressing in the language quickly. He came here knowing no French except "Bonjour" and now he is saying a lot during lessons. He still struggles with conjugations but I know he will be able to learn the language trés vite.

My toes are doing very well. I can run unhindered by them now so that is nice... plus I can play volleyball without worrying about them too much. I'm not really sick anymore but I have this very persistent cough. I'm not entirely sure but I think it has to do with how dry it is here. I've been drinking lots of water too. The cough is particularly annoying because it often come up when I'm singing, and as you know, I love singing. Nevertheless I am still doing very well.

We got to see the Provo City Center Temple dedicated on Sunday and that was... so awesome. It was beautiful and the spirit was so strong... words cannot describe. I do remember Elder Oaks inviting two kids to put on some ceremonial mortar on and that was very cute.

Don't worry about the sports. If I had wanted to learn more I had plenty of opportunity to do so. I'm very content knowing about Lord of the Rings, Tolkien and all that stuff.

And now I guess it is time for pictures since I'm running out of things to say!

​"L'escouade" or "The Squad" or "The District". L'escouade actually is a police squad but ce n'est pas grave.

Here is a picture of the whole zone!

Je t'aime and I FEAR NO MAN!
Elder Russell

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  1. So Awesome! We pray for Jared and our missionaries all over the world. Good works, spreading the gospel!