Tuesday, November 21, 2017

...power of the Book of Mormon....love for others is growing

October 2 2017

Wow, sounds like a pretty awesome week! Ours was good too. A lot of cool experiences. The first day of the splits I went on the mountain and we talked to a less active member. I talked about the sacrament and he agreed to come to church, and he did! Another day one of the ward missionaries couldn't make so we called some others. Fr Isaac joined us and our first rendez-vous fell through so I decided to pass by Fr Hervald's place. Turns out Fr Isaac knows him! In general it was great and we found knew people to teach, and old ones from past missionaries. We've divided the sector in three so that we can keep things more simple and the Stake is looking to create a new Ward from Mikalou and Nkombo, so when that happens there will be a Ward in the same general area as our apartement. I've seen a lot in the power of the Book of Mormon this week. The more I read it the more it helps and now I want to find more ways to use it to help others. I've also noticed that my love for others is growing. I'm starting to really worry about them than just ,"how do I get you baptized?" So that is great.

I too need to get better at taking pictures. I just feel so busy all the time.

Nous ne craignons aucun homme!
Je vous aime!

Elder Russell

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