Sunday, May 7, 2017

Well, things are progressing here.

April 3 2017

Well, things are progressing here. We are still working with Fr Rodrigue (though it seems his rent was somehow solved) We are also teaching a young man who is the grandson (I think) of one of the members. His name is Fr Arsene and he has a strong desire to be baptized, even though he doesn't know all the docterine yet. Fr Essomba came to Church again, he has been having financial troubles too among other things. He has started doubting God so we will keep on talking with him and try and help him through this time. Elder Dou is still a good companion. He has lots of stories to share so that is always interesting. I will be excited to see conference, which we will do this weekend. And I heard that President Monga is now an Area Seventy, some missionaries found out somehow. Also Happy Birthday! I have been writing in my journal more, but I forgot it at the apartement... that seems to be very common, though I did take a couple of pictures to send of me and Elder Dou.

Je vous aime tellement!
Nous ne craignons pas l'homme!

Elder Russell

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