Tuesday, December 20, 2016

perseverance is getting back up no matter how many times you fall

December 19 2016

Fr Christian got baptized! He will be confirmed this coming Sunday. It was interesting because the new branch president forgot about his baptism, but everything worked out okay. Fr Nicodême and Sr Pascal (his wife) came to church and had a (I think) overall good experience. They still need help to recognize the spirit and prayer and other such things. At this point I think they find the gospel simply interesting, but that is a place to start. We also did service for Fr Nicodême and got to cut down a coconut tree, fresh coconut juice tastes really good. 

I have not received the packages yet, as the Calls have not yet arrived, but they will be here this week. That is, after all, how we are going to do the skype call; so I should get them then. 

We also bought some "bush meat" meaning that people hunted the animal, fresh. Then we cooked it after they cleaned it (they cleaned it okay, then the Africans in our apartement cleaned it again) We also saw a live Pangolin there (that thing that is kind of like an armadillo, but different) Quite the experience. 

So, an interesting, good and experience filled week. We also learned that working with the members makes things a lot easier, now we just need to do it.

Keep on persevering! I like to say that perseverance is getting back up no matter how many times you fall. Thank you for all your love, support and news. Also I have pictures.

Fr Christian next to me with President Zang of the branch of Bieymassi, Sr Brenda, Fr Christian's sister far right
Our bush meat before being cooked. I don't really know what kind of animal it is, but my companion keeps calling it a "chatlynx" cat-lynx, even though it is nothing like either of those things.
Elder Best taking a selfie
Je vous aime tous tellement!
Nous ne craignons personne!
Elder Russell

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