Monday, May 2, 2016

"No! Regarde! Rouge!"

Monday April 25 2016

Okay, let us see here.
It is very hot here but it is odd because sometimes you are walking and you do not feel hot, but it is still hot. Douala is also apparently the hottest part of the mission. It feels like you are in a big city like Seattle because there are cars and taxis almost everywhere. The only way you know you're not is because it looks nothing like that. There are also these big stores where it is very fancy inside and aside from the gas stations are most like the stores at home, except more fancy than those too, so there is a large discrepancy between stores here. Also one moment you're walking in somewhere pretty nice and the next moment you see all these huts made up of so many different materials. Almost all the roofs are metal.

There are lots of different foods here but also lots of familiar ones. You could eat a lot like you could at home here. The weirdest thing I've had so far is some kind of plant wrapped in a leaf and that was pretty bland. They do eat a lot of fish here and it is very cheap so that makes me happy. There is this chocolate milk powder that you put in water (which would make it chocolate water) and it tastes okay. The pineapples are so delicious here and I thought the pineapples at home were good.

My companion is Elder Izere (pronounced eezelé) from Burundi (Bulundi). He is fun. We don't usually teach many people and we get a lot of contacts. We've taught three progressing investigators, two contacts and one recent convert. We've taught Sœur Anita twice and she understands the concepts very well at least, though she doesn't come to sacrament meeting because she works on Sunday. There is also Sœur Ngando who works in a tiny corner stall just by our apartment and another Sœur I don't remember the name of nor do I remember the name of the recent convert. We use the Bible a lot when we teach, but Elder Izere does remember to emphasize the importance of the Book of Mormon, though I hope to start using the Book of Mormon more. Lots of people said that was something they did often here and I know one Church authority person said we should be using the Book of Mormon more, but I'm glad he doesn't solely rely on the Bible like it was said some people do.

I've had some random ladies ask me if I want to marry them so... yeah, that happens. I also get called "blanc" by kids and teenagers and I just roll with it or (since I'm sunburned) say "No! Regarde! Rouge!"

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